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Baked Cream Cheese Ragoons

Baked Cream Cheese Ragoons

Cream cheese ragoons is a wonton filled with cream cheese mixture then wrapped and fried, but i like to bake mine because they are so much healthier and just as good.

This recipe takes minutes to prep and assemble, serve at your next party or just as a snack at home , and make sure to dip in sweet chili sauce. You guys are gonna LOVE these! Read more…

Carrot and Cheese Crostini Recipe


Crostini (tea sandwiches) are always a good idea! They go so well for dinner parties just appetizers or tea parties. What i love about this easy recipe is that One: its super quick to whip up, Two: you can make the spread a day in advance and serve the next few days! Who doesn’t love that!

Oh how I just love this cheesy goodness and its so much better than garlic bread although this has a nice kick of garlic in it! I tried these at my aunties place and knew i had to share the recipe with you guys! Whenever I make these for a party they are one of the firsts to go! SO SO YUMMY

Note: You can also serve this spread without baking it :)

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Baked Parmesan Zucchini Bites Recipe


You guys are gonna definitely enjoy this little appetizer/snack. And better yet its healthy!!! It’s baked not fried so its so much better this way and also can I mention easier :) Just prep and pop into the oven and let it do all the work for you! Also you can easily double the batch.

I also whipped up a little healthy dip for it and its made out of sour cream, so i will put the recipe for you guys as well. Enjoy! Read more…

Creamy Garlic Beet Salad/Spread

Creamy Garlic Beet Salad/Spread

In yesterdays post i mentioned it was a gloomy day, and suddenly a couple hours later all the clouds went away and the sunshine came out. So I was excited to photograph a couple recipes for you guys since natural lighting is best for photos :) And I’m no professional photographer I have no gear just a camera and  girl on a mission to capture nice photos of my recipes for you guys.

So today I’m sharing another Russian recipe! It can be used as salad or a spread. When making this salad you can put less or more garlic/mayo. Normally I put a couple garlic’s in and taste it to see if its enough. In this recipe you really wanna taste the garlic. It gives it that nice kick!

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Creamy Garlic Egg Bites

Creamy Garlic Egg Bites

These egg appetizers are so yummy and so so simple to make! They barely take any time to whip up! I just made a small portion here but of course you can triple up the recipe or however many you need :)

p.s. I would love to hear some of your guys appetizer ideas, you can never have too many. Just comment below if you would like to share with me :D Read more…

Russian Beet Spread

Russian Beet Spread

I am so addicted to this Russian spread! Each time i make it I’m eating it all day long. If you love beets you will absolutely love this recipe. Its so simple, only 3 ingredients. All you gotta do is saute each vegetable separately and enjoy it on some toasted or fresh bread!

The spread is good when its fresh and hot and also really good the next few days straight from the refrigerator and a warm slice of bread! You guys are gonna love it :)

Also for the ingredients make sure you have the same amount of each once they are shredded at chopped, it depends on what sizes you use if it will be the same amount of mine. Read more…

Stacked Eggplant with Garlic Bites


Such a great appetizer recipe! I got this idea from a friend, as soon as a seen a picture of them i knew they would be delish! They are different then all the other appetizers i have tried but i absolutely love this idea!!! I hope you guys enjoy:) Read more…

Zucchini Fritters


I was at my parents place the other day and my mom made these and i absolutly fell in love with them! She got this recipe from her friend. I am so addicted to these zucchini fritters they are ahhhh-mazing! been making them 2 days straight already! Deffinetly a must try also make sure you dip them into sour cream they are even better like that!!

Warning: you wont be able to stop eating these haha. Good thing they are healthy and loaded with zucchini.

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Beef Egg Rolls


These egg rolls are amazingly delicious! You can eat them just like that or with dip. Me and my husband love to mix Sriracha hot chili sauce with sour cream and dip them in that(i know that combination sounds weird but its REALLY good)Also these go great with a oriental dish or you can just eat them for a meal. Keep in mind they are very filling! They are simple to make and also you can freeze the prepared egg rolls and fry them whenever you want to. If you don’t want so many egg rolls just cut the recipe in half:)

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Bruschetta With Cilantro Recipe



Bruschetta is a Italian appetizer that is super delicious, fresh and is simple to make.

We go to this one restaurant called Original Joe’s and i always order their bruschetta its a bit different then the other ones i have tried so i imitated the recipe and it pretty much tastes exactly the same so now I’m excited to be making it at home and eating it whenever i want to:) The difference between my recipe is that i use cilantro instead of parsley it tastes great but if you don’t like cilantro i would recommend to use parsley instead.

This appetizer is great to make for dinner parties or just for yourself !

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