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No-Bake Berry Cheese Cake Recipe

No-Bake Berry Cheese Cake Recipe

This No-Bake Berry Cheesecake is too easy to make, You don’t even need to bake the crust, how easy is that!!! Not to mention its so good, the crust falls apart in your mouth and the cheesecake its soo smooth but you get little chunks of fruit in it, you guys will love it :)

My 13 year old sister Ilana made this when we came over, she loves to find recipes online and bake them, and shes good at it :) So proud of her! So if she can make it your definitely can. This would be perfect to make for Mothers Day this Sunday Hint Hint ;)

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Strawberry Jello Mousse Cake (ptichiya malako)

As I was sorting through the pictures for this recipe I seriously started getting major cravings for this delicious dessert! Seriously guys its so good, you better have company over or you will be eating the whole ENTIRE thing yourself, I am not even kidding, I have no self control over this dessert, NADA!!!!

Anyways when we were visiting South Carolina for thanksgiving this year, my husbands best friends wife Rosa made this dessert and I fell in love with it at first bite haha, best jello mousse cake I have ever tried. Thank you Rosa for the recipe. Easiest and yummiest dessert ever! Is definitely my go to recipe now :)

Also I would really appreciate if you guys would leave me reviews on recipes you have tried, Means the world to me :) Enjoy!!!!

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Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips


As I type this I am snacking away on these addicting and healthy little treats with my toddler, haha as soon as I wrote that he started feeding me ;) (It’s a thing he likes to do with snacks)

These cinnamon apple chips are so good and the best part is they are healthy and super cheap to make. Eat them as soon as you make them or make a lot in advance and pack away in ziplock bags for the kids to take to school as a snack or for a road trip. They are a great snack for the kids and adults!

You don’t need to own a dehydrator to make these, they bake perfectly in an oven and I am positive you own one :) Now if you don’t have a mandolin slicer you can easily cut these with a knife, but you will have to do so very thinly. It is much faster with a mandolin slicer and you get even slices every time but like I said a knife will do if you cut them super thin :)

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Baked Cheesecake Recipe

Oven Baked Cheesecake Recip

I love simplifying recipes so they are not so complicated for everyday life! Lets be real we don’t always have the time to make super fancy meals. So my favorites are those that taste and look like you put in so much work but in, but in reality it was super quick and easy ;) Can I see see you all raise up your hands :D

This cheesecake here requires no water bath while in the oven, it doesn’t take a long time to bake (about 40 minutes) and it tastes absolutely delicious! Thank you so much Irina for this awesome cheesecake recipe :) Everyone loves it.

p.s The crust takes super quick to make and totally worst it but if you want to use a pre made pie crust you totally can for this recipe

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Homemade Strawberry Jello Greek Yogurt Parfaits

These little treats are so easy to make and are so delicious. If you don’t like the sourish taste of Greek yogurt you have nothing to worry about, because of the different ingredients it changes the texture and sweetens it (you guys will love the textureits kind of like creme brulee) I absolutely love it. Make these for Valentines day or your next party/event and they will definitely impress ;)

What I love about social media is that you get so many ideas and recipes from friends, thank you Lena for this great recipe. We all loved it :)

This is best served the day of or next day!

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Moist Coffee Cake Roll

This cake roll is ahhhh-mazing. It is moist and rich in flavor, the cream for this cake roll is one of the best I have made and the cake roll has a little hint of cinnamon, how yummy is that!

I have made this cake roll numerous times and everyone loves it :) I also had lots of requests to post it, sorry for the long wait. I hope you guys enjoy my recipe.

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Collapsed Russian Cake (Razvalini)



I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of yummy food!!!! We went down to South Carolina to celebrate with my husbands family and had a wonderful time. Also if you used any of my recipes for your dinner i would really appreciate it if you would write some reviews in the comment sections! I honesty feel like I’m talking to myself half the time so when I get comments from you guys it honestly means the world to me :)

I posted a teaser of this a few weeks ago on Instagram and I know a lot of you are waiting for this one! Its perfect for all these holiday parties coming up, I grew up eating this dessert and i absolutely love it, been making it since i was a teen so its very simple, all of you guys will be able to make this one with no problem :)

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Mini Russian Cakes Recipe (Yozhiki)


These mini Russian cakes (yozhiki) are so delicious and moist and the perfect serving if you can just stop at one ;) They are very easy to make and not as time consuming as it may seem! Serve these at your next party and you will not disappoint! Especially with all the holiday parties coming up these next 2 months :)

I posted a teaser of this on my Instagram page a few weeks ago and I’m so sorry that it too this long for me to share it with you guys. I know a lot of you were waiting for this one!

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Biskvit with Berries (Moist Russian Sponge Cake)

Biskvit is a moist Russian Sponge cake. Not like a lot of the typical Russian cakes that require a lot of work, this is the easiest recipe ever!

I’m sure we all have that one “go to” cake. Well this one is mine, it takes so fast to whip up, and you probably have all the ingredients in your home right now! Only 6 ingredients for the cake and cream plus the frozen berries! and viol-la you have your self a delicious cake, that tastes like you put so much work into it ;) I love the frozen berries topped on this cake, you can also put a layer inside if you want more, It gives it a nice “sourish” taste if you know what i mean..

If you use cake box mix please never again, this will take you faster then a cake box mix and its so much better!!

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I know you guys are probably thinking… FINALLY!

Yes its been like a year since I have posted a dessert recipe. I am guilty, But don’t worry im gonna start posting dessert now too.. I’m already working on a 2nd dessert blog post for you guys which i will share later on this week.

I’m definitely making a big come back with this delicious and super easy dessert. You guys will be impressed with this one! I promise :)

I got this recipe from a sweet instagram friend and I’m excited for you guys to try it now!! :) Make sure to serve with vanilla ice cream it definitely¬† completes this brownie!!! Read more…