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Southern Sweet Tea

Southen Sweet Tea Recipe

If you live in the south you definitely have tried sweet tea, if you order iced tea you will get this not the “fake stuff”

Guys this drink is so refreshing you will want to make a batch every day, it doesn’t matter summer or winter I can drink it any day of the week!!! Also it takes super quick to make with ingredients you always have in your household!

I absolutely love sweet tea and I used to always wait until we would go down south to drink it, but now I make it at home! Thanks to my mom in law for showing me exactly how to make it when they were down here a few weeks ago :) As soon as I took a sip it brought back so many sweet memories!

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Berries with Kale Smoothie

Berries with Kale Smootie

I love adding kale to my daily smoothies, 1: It’s rich in fiber 2: It’s healthy. 3: It doesn’t change the taste of the smoothie.

Give this smoothie a try tomorrow and you will definitely enjoy it! I make this smoothie almost every day and my 18 month old toddler loves it :)

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Naturally Flavored Water Recipe

Naturally Flavored Water

Who drinks 8 glasses a day?! I think a lot of us are guilty for not drinking enough water, Sometimes its just too plain. I love to jazz up my water (Naturally) with no sugar! Not only is it healthy its yummy! You guys are gonna love this fresh tasting water that tastes like summer :) Once you go though the jug don’t chuck the ingredients but add more water :)

Keep this in your refrigerator and i promise you will be drinking more water! I go through the jug myself in a day!

Also a lot of people use water like this for detoxing so it can be used for that as well. Read more…

Strawberry Lemonade Margarita Recipe

Strawberry Lemonade Margarita

So excited to be sharing one of my favorite summer drinks with you guys(my dear sister’s recipe) It is SO refreshing and delicious! You guys will absolutely love this drink!!! It’s perfect for these hot summer days!You can easily double or triple the recipe, you will need to ;) Each time we bbq i like to serve this drink.

Also i would love to get some ideas from you guys for drinks or smoothies. So please feel free to comment below! :)

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Apple-Berry Kompot (Homemade Juice)


Kompot is a very popular homemade Russian drink. Not to mention its so easy and quick to make. I used this recipe all winter because its with frozen fruits but you can use fresh if you like. You can drink it warm or chilled. I personally like mine cold :) especially on a hot summer day! Its perfect.

Its been so gloomy here the past few day! Glad i took pictures before the weekend.

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Cucumber, Mint and Lemon Water


This past Summer we went to Vancouver, BC for a few days and we were staying at my friends place, and she showed me this water she drinks all the time. I loved it so i came home and started making my own. Let me tell you, you end up drinking a lot more water like this plus we do need 8 cups of water a day, and this is so healthy.

Me and my husband drink the whole jug in a day and sometimes even more. Once you finish with the water don’t get rid of the lemons, mint and cucumber just add water and mix, i do that a couple times and when the flavor starts to fade a little just add a couple slices of each ingredient. But after about a week you will want to switch out all the ingredients. Read more…