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Chicken Souvlaki Recipe


Another Greek recipe for you guys! This is my way of making Chicken Souvlaki, I love the way this chicken is moist and it goes so so well with the Tzatziki Sauce Recipe  Greek Garden Salad Recipe  and rice. Serve it with this combination, It wont disappoint :) Read more…

Grilled Asian Chicken Recipe


This is my first blog post on a grilled recipe.. and there’s more coming soon:)

Who doesn’t love to grill food?! well and eat it lol. We love to grill out in the summer, First of all its so much faster! and Second of all anything is so good on the grill!

Did i mention my hubby came up with this sauce?! (He’s the ones that grills in our family) We ran out of bbq sauce and we realized right before grilling so he decided to come  up with one and it was such a big hit!!!  This recipe is too simple but yet its so flavorful and juicy! You guys are gonna love it!!! Its so good to serve with rice and cabbage salad! All Seasons Cabbage Salad (instead of the peas i put green onions) with this dish

Happy Grilling :)

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