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Balsamic Tomato Salad


Hey Guys!!!!!! :) Guess who is super excited to be back to blogging!!!!! ME! haha

I know its been awhile since i shared any recipes with you guys! We had a baby so i decided to take some time off! but i am super excited to be back to blogging! I promise i will make it up to you guys by sharing tons of new yummy recipes!

OK, here it goes….

You guys know i love an easy fast recipe and this salad takes so fast to whip up and its absolutely delicious. Even if you don’t like tomatoes give this salad a try i think you might change your mind ;) Enjoy guys!

p.s  I absolutely love hearing feed back! hint hint ;)

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Fusilli Pasta Salad


I know Thanksgiving day is coming up and this yummy pasta salad would be perfect to serve with your dinner! Its great for putlocks or a side salad for your dinners! It goes well with everything and i promise you that you will enjoy it!:)

This pasta salad is also so so simple to make! I know i say that about most of my recipes! haha. But seriously this pasta salad you can also make a little ahead of time just add the diced veggies in right before serving.

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Olivye – Russian Potato Salad

Olivye - Russian Potato Salad

Iv tried many different potatoes salad and i gotta admit this is the best! This potato salad is definitely a popular  and traditional russian salad. Even though everyone might have their own way of making it, I’m excited to share my families recipe with you.

Don’t be intimidated by all the cutting vegetables small, once you get the hang of it, it takes quite fast, and also is so worth. This salad lasts quite some time, as long as you just mix in the mayo and salt before serving it will stay fresh up to a week. I only mix in how much salad we will eat that time.

Also you can add in diced bolongy, i personally like it without meat! Enjoy:) Read more…

Avocado Summer Salad Spring Mix

Avocado Summer Salad Spring Mix

You can never have too many salad recipes, especially during the summer! I absolutely love this new one my mom came up with. Its so refreshing, light and healthy! You guys will totally enjoy it!

Also when making this salad you don’t really need measurements just add however much of the ingredients you like. I just measured them for you guys the way i like it and for how many servings i needed. Enjoy :D

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Cabbage and Cucumber Salad

Cabbage and Cucumber Salad

As I’ve mentioned before i absolutely love cabbage salads!

This salad takes super quick to whip up and its absolutely delicious and fresh. Its a perfect summer salad goes great with BBQ and also i absolutely love making this salad when i make Plov, to me its the perfect combination :)

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Chicken Flavored Vegetable Pasta Salad


I hope all of you had a very merry Christmas:) i sure did. I’m super excited to be typing this on my new windows 8 laptop my husband bought me:) I cant believe that Christmas is already over, December flew by way too fast!

Now to the food, I’m gonna share this amazing pasta salad recipe with you that i got from a dear friend of mine, its her grandmothers recipe its a bit different then all the pasta salads that i have ever tried and its one delicious salad!!!!:)

Make sure to keep in mind that you need to refrigerate this salad for 6 hours or overnight. Read more…

Marinated Mushrooms with Bell Peppers


This is by far the best marinated mushrooms recipe that i have ever tried. You know how some marinated mushrooms are kinda slimy well these are not because i use fresh ones. They go so well with anything its a great side. Thank you to my lovely friend for this recipe. Definitely a must try!! Each time i make these i give my parents a jar because they absolutely love them. Once you make them add to a jar because they stay fresh longer like that!

Also make sure you refrigerate over night they are so much better like that.

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All Seasons Cabbage Salad


This salad is so good! I love cabbage salads but this one is definitely my favorite! Its a little big crunchy but yet creamy! Perfect combination. The other night i served it with baked chicken and potatoes and it went so well with it! What i love about this salad is that it goes great with BBQ, fancier or simple dinner. You will most definitely enjoy it!:) Read more…

Cucumber, Radish and Green Onions Salad


This is a nice fresh Russian/Ukrainian salad thats quick to whip up! It goes great with pretty much anything especially if its Russian food ;) Read more…