Creamy Garlic Beet Salad/Spread

Creamy Garlic Beet Salad/Spread

In yesterdays post i mentioned it was a gloomy day, and suddenly a couple hours later all the clouds went away and the sunshine came out. So I was excited to photograph a couple recipes for you guys since natural lighting is best for photos :) And I’m no professional photographer I have no gear just a camera and  girl on a mission to capture nice photos of my recipes for you guys.

So today I’m sharing another Russian recipe! It can be used as salad or a spread. When making this salad you can put less or more garlic/mayo. Normally I put a couple garlic’s in and taste it to see if its enough. In this recipe you really wanna taste the garlic. It gives it that nice kick!

Creamy Garlic Beet Salad/Spread

  • 5 medium size Beets
  • 3 large Garlic Cloves, minced
  • 2 heaping tbsp Mayonnaise
  • sea salt


  1. Add the whole beets (unpeeled) to a large pot, cover with water
  2. Turn heat on high as soon as the water boils bring it down to a medium/low and have them on a light boil for about an hour to an hour and a half, Depending on the size (You will know when they are ready by poking the beet with a knife and it will be smooth like butter)
  3. Once the beets are ready, drain the water and cool off in fridge
  4. Then peel the skin off with a knife and shred
  5. To the shredded beats add the garlic mayo and mix well
  6. Salt to preference
  7. Refrigerate or serve immediately

serves 5


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Enjoy :)



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