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Bacon Wrapped Potato Wedges Recipe



I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!!!! We sure enjoyed ours! Started celebrating 2 days earlier, first night we celebrated at our aunties house with my family and then we headed over to my parents place for our annual family sleepover! :) I come from a family of 8 kids and 3 of us are married. We have a blast at our family sleepovers :) Late night talks and games then breakfast in the morning we hangout open gifts and then have dinner ( we always keep the food out because we end up eating late again before going to sleep) I am sure all of my Russian friends understand what I mean :o We like to eat haha and then we spend another night and have breakfast together :)

Now to this super simple yet delicious recipe, the potatoes are so soft and the bacon is crispy its the perfect combination and what I love about it is that it can be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as an appetizer! Now who doesn’t love such a versatile dish that takes minutes to prep and the oven does the rest of the job!? I think all of us do :)

My sweet mother in law served this for breakfast when we were visiting them in South Carolina for thanksgivingĀ  and I have already made it several times since we have been back, I love to serve it for dinner with ceaser salad and buttery garlicy- green beans on the side, will share with you how I make mine soon :)

I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas from our family to yours :)DSC_9985


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Creamy Baked Mushroom Chicken

Creamy Baked Mushroom Chicken

This chicken is so easy to make and so delicious. Just the way i like it! Who doesn’t love just prepping a dish throwing it into the oven and letting it do the rest for you? I think everybody:) Especially when it tastes like you put a lot of time into it.

Make sure you use a meat tenderizer, the chicken wont be the same if the meat is not tender. Serve this chicken over mashed potatoes.

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Potato Topped Chicken Bake


You guys will love this dish!!! I got this recipe from my sister and we have been using it for a long time. Its one of those dishes that barely takes any time to prep.Its pretty much like a chicken stew with ranch mashed potatoes on top, two dishes in one! So easy to make and so so yummy to eat! So give it a try and let me know how it turns out:)

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