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Baked Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

Baked Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe


Growing up my mom made something like this similar but she would fry it all on a skillet, But I wanted to make it even easier so one day I decided to put it into the oven and see what would happen, and it turned out AMAZING!!!! I actually had my parents over for dinner the other night and made this and my mom totally approved and was excited to start making it this way!

I just love a good easy recipe that takes super quick to whip up for us busy moms and here is yet another one for you all :)

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Creamy Baked Salmon


Salmon is my all time favorite fish because it doesn’t really have that strong “fishy” taste and its just so good. This is my mamas recipe and its my absolute favorite way to make salmon.

Normally you serve fish over rice but this recipe is amazing over some creamy mashed potatoes! Read more…

Creamy Baked Potatoes


Don’t you love when you throw some things together for dinner with what you have in your fridge and it turns out really good so you always end up making it:) I love coming up with my own recipes. These potatoes are a great side dish that everyone will enjoy!:) Read more…

Baked Garden Vegtable Basa


Ok here goes my very first blog post!

This is one of my favorite fish dish that I love to prepare. Its super simple and fast to make and best of all doesn’t have a fishy taste to it. At all! Goes great with mashed potatoes and any side salad. Read more…