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If you have been looking for  a perfect stuffed pepper recipe look no further!!!! These stuffed peppers are so juicy, flavorful and delicious! My absolute favorite :)

We love to eat these over garlic mashed potatoes but you can also serve on rice or any grain.

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Beef Stuffed Cannelloni


Don’t you agree with me that the recipes you get from your moms or grandmas are the best. Well today I am sharing one of my moms recipes and that’s definitely something that you cant go wrong with! This recipe reminds me of pelmeni a little, but its so much easier!

I know you guys are gonna love this one. Its definitely a keeper ;) My husband thinks so too! He loves this dish and that’s most important to me, and its one of my faves as well!

Also did I mention how fast and easy this dish takes to make.

These also make a really great leftover, to warm up just put them in the oven covered, also you might wanna add a little extra whipping cream. Enjoy

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The Perfect Plov Recipe (Pilaf)


I know its been awhile since my last blog post! We are expecting our first child in Nov and i wasn’t feeling well but now i am back to my old self and feeling great and am super excited to be back to blogging for you guys:) Thanks for being patient! I will be posting lots of new delicious recipes!!!

Plov (pilaf) is a traditional Russian rice dish! Every family pretty much has a little bit different way of making it, and i am excited to share my way:) It is definitely the prefect plov recipe.

I used beef but you can also use chicken instead if you like, i do both ways! And let me tell you it is delicious.

If you have been looking for the perfect rice, that’s all about to change:) I found that perfect rice a year ago its called BASMATI. It has never failed me once, always perfect!

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Beef Stroganoff


Almost each Russian dish every family has their own way of the recipe and the way they like to cook it . This beef stroganoff is absolutely delicious, I made it the other night and my hubby had 2 refills he absolutely loves this dish, you will too:) What i love about this recipe is that the beef is so tender and soft because you slow cook it for 2 hours and it has such a wonderful taste to it, also i love having leftovers because this dish can be served over rice, pasta, buckwheat or mashed potatoes so its almost like another dish the next day! Its my fave to serve over basmati rice:) Read more…

Beef Egg Rolls


These egg rolls are amazingly delicious! You can eat them just like that or with dip. Me and my husband love to mix Sriracha hot chili sauce with sour cream and dip them in that(i know that combination sounds weird but its REALLY good)Also these go great with a oriental dish or you can just eat them for a meal. Keep in mind they are very filling! They are simple to make and also you can freeze the prepared egg rolls and fry them whenever you want to. If you don’t want so many egg rolls just cut the recipe in half:)

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