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Berries with Kale Smoothie

Berries with Kale Smootie

I love adding kale to my daily smoothies, 1: It’s rich in fiber 2: It’s healthy. 3: It doesn’t change the taste of the smoothie.

Give this smoothie a try tomorrow and you will definitely enjoy it! I make this smoothie almost every day and my 18 month old toddler loves it :)

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Biskvit with Berries (Moist Russian Sponge Cake)

Biskvit is a moist Russian Sponge cake. Not like a lot of the typical Russian cakes that require a lot of work, this is the easiest recipe ever!

I’m sure we all have that one “go to” cake. Well this one is mine, it takes so fast to whip up, and you probably have all the ingredients in your home right now! Only 6 ingredients for the cake and cream plus the frozen berries! and viol-la you have your self a delicious cake, that tastes like you put so much work into it ;) I love the frozen berries topped on this cake, you can also put a layer inside if you want more, It gives it a nice “sourish” taste if you know what i mean..

If you use cake box mix please never again, this will take you faster then a cake box mix and its so much better!!

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Apple-Berry Kompot (Homemade Juice)


Kompot is a very popular homemade Russian drink. Not to mention its so easy and quick to make. I used this recipe all winter because its with frozen fruits but you can use fresh if you like. You can drink it warm or chilled. I personally like mine cold :) especially on a hot summer day! Its perfect.

Its been so gloomy here the past few day! Glad i took pictures before the weekend.

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Berry Tarts


These berry tarts are super yummy treats and are very very simple to make! Seen these mini ready to bake tarts at the store and got excited to come up with a filling for them:) Its nice to keep the tarts in your freezer and when you need to whip up a dessert quickly, these are definitely your go to:) They are so lovely with tea. Also if you want to make the shells ahead of time make sure you don’t add the berries until before serving but meanwhile keep the tarts in the refrigerator and add the berries before you serve. Read more…