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Tangy Ham and Cheese Quesadilla Recipe

You guys, these are amazing!!!! So simple and quick to make but oh so addicting and good! The ingredients for this so called recipe ;) is so simple, seems too simple for something so yummy, but its not :)

Whenever I make these everyone loves them, a quick lunch or snack to make for yourself or guests, and let me tell you the kids absolutely love them t00! My little sister was over a few months ago and I quickly thew this together and let me tell you we devoured it fast!!!!! I ended up making even more because we just couldn’t get enough! You can also serve these for breakfast/brunch.

Make sure you dip them into ranch! It is

There are so many things you can make with tortillas and I would love to hear some of your ideas!

Please comment below and let me know what you like to make with tortillas ↓↓↓ :)

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Topped Creamy Loaf with Ham Recipe



Yesterday I was hosting a brunch date for my mom and sisters at my place and I threw this together in about 5 minutes and they all loved it and were asking me if this was on my blog, and said if not you need to post it! So today morning I went to the grocery store to buy another French loaf, Gotta love the fresh bread they bake in stores :)

You guys are gonna love this gooey cheesy/creamy goodness, We all did and I guarantee its gonna be a hit when you make it, with that being said I would love to hear your reviews afterwards, just comment below :) I really appreciate the comments I started receiving from you guys :)

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