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I know you guys are probably thinking… FINALLY!

Yes its been like a year since I have posted a dessert recipe. I am guilty, But don’t worry im gonna start posting dessert now too.. I’m already working on a 2nd dessert blog post for you guys which i will share later on this week.

I’m definitely making a big come back with this delicious and super easy dessert. You guys will be impressed with this one! I promise :)

I got this recipe from a sweet instagram friend and I’m excited for you guys to try it now!! :) Make sure to serve with vanilla ice cream it definitely¬† completes this brownie!!! Read more…

Milk Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing

Who doesn’t love cupcakes?! I’m sure everybody does :)

Whenever i make cupcakes i usually end up making this recipe i absolutely love these (and so does everybody else) They are moist and absolutely delicious. I love to make these for parties!¬† These will definitely be hit! Also did i mention how easy this recipe is?? You don’t have to be no baker ;)

I love these cupcakes even better the next day, i feel like they are more moist. Just store in a container, and no need to refrigerate. They stay fresh for a few days and oh so delicious! :)

I got this recipe from the cook book “A collection of delicious recipes cupcakes”

Read more…