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Cream Cheese Danishes


I’m super excited to share this recipe with you guys because its beyond amazing and just absolutely delicious. I can never stop eating these! Also i know some cream cheese danishes are made with puff pastry, these are way better because they are softer and the dough takes so fast to make so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Me and my sister Taisa had a baking date at her new place last week, it was tons of fun. She actually came up with this recipe a few years back. Anybody that eats these absolutely loves them! That i will promise you;) So get baking and let me know how you guys love them:)

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Ok here goes my first dessert post!

Tiramisu is a Italian dessert, but instead of mascarpone cheeseĀ i prefer to use cream cheese it just tastes better that way. I have been using this recipe for a few years already(got it from my cousin). I absolutely LOVE it! Its definitely a crowd pleaser! Everyone loves this cake:) My favorite cake for sure!!!

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