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Cabbage and Cucumber Salad

Cabbage and Cucumber Salad

As I’ve mentioned before i absolutely love cabbage salads!

This salad takes super quick to whip up and its absolutely delicious and fresh. Its a perfect summer salad goes great with BBQ and also i absolutely love making this salad when i make Plov, to me its the perfect combination :)

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Cucumber, Mint and Lemon Water


This past Summer we went to Vancouver, BC for a few days and we were staying at my friends place, and she showed me this water she drinks all the time. I loved it so i came home and started making my own. Let me tell you, you end up drinking a lot more water like this plus we do need 8 cups of water a day, and this is so healthy.

Me and my husband drink the whole jug in a day and sometimes even more. Once you finish with the water don’t get rid of the lemons, mint and cucumber just add water and mix, i do that a couple times and when the flavor starts to fade a little just add a couple slices of each ingredient. But after about a week you will want to switch out all the ingredients. Read more…

All Seasons Cabbage Salad


This salad is so good! I love cabbage salads but this one is definitely my favorite! Its a little big crunchy but yet creamy! Perfect combination. The other night i served it with baked chicken and potatoes and it went so well with it! What i love about this salad is that it goes great with BBQ, fancier or simple dinner. You will most definitely enjoy it!:) Read more…

Cucumber, Radish and Green Onions Salad


This is a nice fresh Russian/Ukrainian salad thats quick to whip up! It goes great with pretty much anything especially if its Russian food ;) Read more…