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Cabbage and Cucumber Salad

Cabbage and Cucumber Salad

As I’ve mentioned before i absolutely love cabbage salads!

This salad takes super quick to whip up and its absolutely delicious and fresh. Its a perfect summer salad goes great with BBQ and also i absolutely love making this salad when i make Plov, to me its the perfect combination :)

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Creamy Baked Salmon


Salmon is my all time favorite fish because it doesn’t really have that strong “fishy” taste and its just so good. This is my mamas recipe and its my absolute favorite way to make salmon.

Normally you serve fish over rice but this recipe is amazing over some creamy mashed potatoes! Read more…

Buttery Garlic-Dill Mini Potatoes


This side takes super fast to make! This is my fave way to eat these mini potatoes! They go great for a side for lunch/dinner or even a BBQ! Also what i love about mini potatoes is that they take a lot faster to cook! So next time your at the grocery store grab these mini potatoes!:)

Also i never really measure out how much i put of each ingredient, but i did this time, you can just put the amount of each ingredient however much you like! Read more…

Chicken Stew with Biscuits


I absolutely love this recipe i have been making it for many years already. Its just one of those really comforting dishes that you can not stop eating. Also who doesn’t love a one pot meal:) I adapted this recipe from Barefoot Contessa, but i did change some things around. GiveĀ  it a try you wont be disappointed ;) Read more…