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Russian Layered Harvest Salad Recipe


I know i have been bad with posting new recipes this last month.. my uncle passed away so its been really tough for our family… Thank you for your patience.

If you guys have never tried this salad I am super excited for you to do so! Its definitely a unique salad that is delicious and different than your typical salads. This salad is very similar to¬† “shuba” but it doesn’t have the fish in it, its only vegetables. (not a fan of fish in my salads ;) Also my mom made it this way as long as i can remember :)

If your not Russian this salad probably looks very interesting to you but i promise you guys its fantastic, its absolutely delicious. Make sure you top it off with pomegranate it gives this salad a nice crunch and flavor to it.. Its a must for me :)

This salad works very well for potluck parties or just dinner at home and even with just a slice of bread! mmmmmmmmm :) Read more…


Hey you all!!! Can you believe it summer is coming to an end!?! And we are done with our traveling for a few months..I know I have been horrible with blog posts and that’s about to change BUT These lasts 2 months we have been to South Carolina, San Fransisco and Penticton. Its been crazy busy but fun. This was our first summer with our baby so we definitely have been having a blast :)

So now to blogging i am back in full swing! I’m working on 4 different blog posts right now and there is so much more coming!! Super excited to be sharing some fresh new recipes with you guys.

Today I am sharing one of my favorite ways to enjoy eggs and let me tell you i love having eggs for breakfast. My mom introduced me to this amazing combination, Its super simple shouldn’t even be called a recipe but its amazing and i want you all to enjoy it :) Read more…

Creamy Garlic Egg Bites

Creamy Garlic Egg Bites

These egg appetizers are so yummy and so so simple to make! They barely take any time to whip up! I just made a small portion here but of course you can triple up the recipe or however many you need :)

p.s. I would love to hear some of your guys appetizer ideas, you can never have too many. Just comment below if you would like to share with me :D Read more…