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Hey you all!!! Can you believe it summer is coming to an end!?! And we are done with our traveling for a few months..I know I have been horrible with blog posts and that’s about to change BUT These lasts 2 months we have been to South Carolina, San Fransisco and Penticton. Its been crazy busy but fun. This was our first summer with our baby so we definitely have been having a blast :)

So now to blogging i am back in full swing! I’m working on 4 different blog posts right now and there is so much more coming!! Super excited to be sharing some fresh new recipes with you guys.

Today I am sharing one of my favorite ways to enjoy eggs and let me tell you i love having eggs for breakfast. My mom introduced me to this amazing combination, Its super simple shouldn’t even be called a recipe but its amazing and i want you all to enjoy it :) Read more…