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The Perfect Plov Recipe (Pilaf)


I know its been awhile since my last blog post! We are expecting our first child in Nov and i wasn’t feeling well but now i am back to my old self and feeling great and am super excited to be back to blogging for you guys:) Thanks for being patient! I will be posting lots of new delicious recipes!!!

Plov (pilaf) is a traditional Russian rice dish! Every family pretty much has a little bit different way of making it, and i am excited to share my way:) It is definitely the prefect plov recipe.

I used beef but you can also use chicken instead if you like, i do both ways! And let me tell you it is delicious.

If you have been looking for the perfect rice, that’s all about to change:) I found that perfect rice a year ago its called BASMATI. It has never failed me once, always perfect!

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Basil Creamed Chicken

Basil Creamed Chicken

OK guys I’m really excited to share this tasty, creamy and flavorful chicken recipe I came up with! Like seriously it takes about 30 minutes to prep and cook it!

I love to create new recipes almost every week, and let me tell you how I like to do it. Normally when I go grocery shopping I plan a few meals and then towards the end of the week I use up all the ingredients in my fridge, this way I’m not throwing out any food and I am creating new dishes, its a win win situation :D

When I just got married, I ended up throwing out so much produce, that would end up going bad! Check out my Oven Baked Stir Fry in the Asian section, Its a great way to use up all your veggies before they go bad :)

This chicken sauce goes perfectly over pasta!!! Also I love to serve this with is my Buttery Garlic-Dill Mini Potatoes. So delicious and I dip the potatoes into the sauce, Yummy! Read more…

Russian Beet Spread

Russian Beet Spread

I am so addicted to this Russian spread! Each time i make it I’m eating it all day long. If you love beets you will absolutely love this recipe. Its so simple, only 3 ingredients. All you gotta do is saute each vegetable separately and enjoy it on some toasted or fresh bread!

The spread is good when its fresh and hot and also really good the next few days straight from the refrigerator and a warm slice of bread! You guys are gonna love it :)

Also for the ingredients make sure you have the same amount of each once they are shredded at chopped, it depends on what sizes you use if it will be the same amount of mine. Read more…