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Sauteed Eggplant Vegetable Dish Recipe

Sauteed Eggplant Vegetable Dish

This vegetarians delight is such a flavorful and delicious dish. I don’t know where to begin.. how fast it is to whip up or how good it is :) But either way you guys are gonna love it and you probably have all these ingredients in your home to make this right now and you can easily double this recipe if needed.

I served this over spaghetti and it was amazing you can also use this as a spread or side dish. Thanks to my amazing mama for creating this dish! Read more…

Beef Stuffed Cannelloni


Don’t you agree with me that the recipes you get from your moms or grandmas are the best. Well today I am sharing one of my moms recipes and that’s definitely something that you cant go wrong with! This recipe reminds me of pelmeni a little, but its so much easier!

I know you guys are gonna love this one. Its definitely a keeper ;) My husband thinks so too! He loves this dish and that’s most important to me, and its one of my faves as well!

Also did I mention how fast and easy this dish takes to make.

These also make a really great leftover, to warm up just put them in the oven covered, also you might wanna add a little extra whipping cream. Enjoy

Read more…