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Fusilli Pasta Salad


I know Thanksgiving day is coming up and this yummy pasta salad would be perfect to serve with your dinner! Its great for putlocks or a side salad for your dinners! It goes well with everything and i promise you that you will enjoy it!:)

This pasta salad is also so so simple to make! I know i say that about most of my recipes! haha. But seriously this pasta salad you can also make a little ahead of time just add the diced veggies in right before serving.

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Pasta Primavera

Pasta Primavera

We are back from vacation and it feels so great to be cooking in my kitchen again:) and of course blogging for you guys!

I got this recipe many years ago on and its been one of my favorites pasta dishes to make since. Don’t let the long ingredient list intimidate you, this dish takes so quick to whip up and its absolutely delicious, tastes like its from a fancy restaurant. Oh and did i mention its healthy!:)

To warm up the next day add to a skillet with a little bit of water on low heat. Tastes just as good the next day! :)

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Chicken Flavored Vegetable Pasta Salad


I hope all of you had a very merry Christmas:) i sure did. I’m super excited to be typing this on my new windows 8 laptop my husband bought me:) I cant believe that Christmas is already over, December flew by way too fast!

Now to the food, I’m gonna share this amazing pasta salad recipe with you that i got from a dear friend of mine, its her grandmothers recipe its a bit different then all the pasta salads that i have ever tried and its one delicious salad!!!!:)

Make sure to keep in mind that you need to refrigerate this salad for 6 hours or overnight. Read more…

Six Veggie Pasta Topping


Growing up i loved helping my mom make this dish! Its loaded with vegetables but its tastes SO good that kids actually love it! We just had my lovely family over for dinner and the kids were so excited to eat it:) I serve this over spaghetti and instead of adding butter i like to use olive oil and dried basil!

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