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Bacon Wrapped Potato Wedges Recipe



I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!!!! We sure enjoyed ours! Started celebrating 2 days earlier, first night we celebrated at our aunties house with my family and then we headed over to my parents place for our annual family sleepover! :) I come from a family of 8 kids and 3 of us are married. We have a blast at our family sleepovers :) Late night talks and games then breakfast in the morning we hangout open gifts and then have dinner ( we always keep the food out because we end up eating late again before going to sleep) I am sure all of my Russian friends understand what I mean :o We like to eat haha and then we spend another night and have breakfast together :)

Now to this super simple yet delicious recipe, the potatoes are so soft and the bacon is crispy its the perfect combination and what I love about it is that it can be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as an appetizer! Now who doesn’t love such a versatile dish that takes minutes to prep and the oven does the rest of the job!? I think all of us do :)

My sweet mother in law served this for breakfast when we were visiting them in South Carolina for thanksgiving  and I have already made it several times since we have been back, I love to serve it for dinner with ceaser salad and buttery garlicy- green beans on the side, will share with you how I make mine soon :)

I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas from our family to yours :)DSC_9985


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Homestyle Turkey Noodle Soup Recipe


So yesterday was quite the day we had a little snow fall in the morning (all the snow already melted) This is normal for Canada haha… I thought it would be the perfect day to make soup! Its such a comfort food, especially this recipe its so rich in flavor! Goodness who doesn’t like sipping on fresh hot soup and looking out the window watching the snow fall! Couldn’t feel cozier ;)

My mom came up with this soup, she seriously comes up with the best soups EVER!

The key to this soup is to boil the turkey for 2 hours its definitely worth the wait!!! So juicy and tender! oh you guys are gonna love it :D Read more…

Russian Layered Harvest Salad Recipe


I know i have been bad with posting new recipes this last month.. my uncle passed away so its been really tough for our family… Thank you for your patience.

If you guys have never tried this salad I am super excited for you to do so! Its definitely a unique salad that is delicious and different than your typical salads. This salad is very similar to  “shuba” but it doesn’t have the fish in it, its only vegetables. (not a fan of fish in my salads ;) Also my mom made it this way as long as i can remember :)

If your not Russian this salad probably looks very interesting to you but i promise you guys its fantastic, its absolutely delicious. Make sure you top it off with pomegranate it gives this salad a nice crunch and flavor to it.. Its a must for me :)

This salad works very well for potluck parties or just dinner at home and even with just a slice of bread! mmmmmmmmm :) Read more…

Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Loaded Mashed Potatoes

A couple evenings ago I was prepping mashed potatoes and a salad for BBQ, and while making the mashed potatoes I was thinking how can I “spice” them up and I got a great idea! Why not take all the ingredients for a loaded baked potatoes and add  to the mashed potatoes!!!!

So I hope you guys enjoy my little creation! I made them two nights in a row already and we are loving it! They go so well with BBQ chicken (I will be posting my husbands awesome recipe next week)

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Scalloped Potatoes

Scalloped Potatoes

What I love about using up ingredients in my fridge I usually end up coming up with new recipes. That’s how I came up with this one. You guys should try it:)

I hope you all are having an amazing summer I really need to be doing more blog posts, just been busy with all the summer festive and vacations but iv got some great recipes to share with you all this week! Read more…

Creamy Baked Potatoes


Don’t you love when you throw some things together for dinner with what you have in your fridge and it turns out really good so you always end up making it:) I love coming up with my own recipes. These potatoes are a great side dish that everyone will enjoy!:) Read more…