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Rogaliki is a popular Russian pastry, they are mini crescent rolls filled with jam. I grew up making these with my mom and sisters all the time:) we always loved to make these! We fill ours up with cherry filling, but you can use any kind of filling or jam. These are absolutely amazing with some hot tea or coffee and let me tell you addicting. Yesterday i was making these while listening to classical Christmas music! Yes i already listen to Christmas music haha. I find it a lot easier to bake with music:) This recipe make quite a bit but trust me they will be all gone in no time ;) Read more…

Beef Egg Rolls


These egg rolls are amazingly delicious! You can eat them just like that or with dip. Me and my husband love to mix Sriracha hot chili sauce with sour cream and dip them in that(i know that combination sounds weird but its REALLY good)Also these go great with a oriental dish or you can just eat them for a meal. Keep in mind they are very filling! They are simple to make and also you can freeze the prepared egg rolls and fry them whenever you want to. If you don’t want so many egg rolls just cut the recipe in half:)

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