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Lazy Cabbage Rolls Recipe (Meatballs)

Lazy Cabbage Rolls

Today i am sharing a super easy recipe that tastes like the harder version, This is so much faster than wrapping cabbage rolls. You just add everything to the skillet and let it cook! I love these type of comfort foods that take so fast to make. Try it you will love it! Serve over rice or with bread.

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Creamy Garlic Beet Salad/Spread

Creamy Garlic Beet Salad/Spread

In yesterdays post i mentioned it was a gloomy day, and suddenly a couple hours later all the clouds went away and the sunshine came out. So I was excited to photograph a couple recipes for you guys since natural lighting is best for photos :) And I’m no professional photographer I have no gear just a camera and  girl on a mission to capture nice photos of my recipes for you guys.

So today I’m sharing another Russian recipe! It can be used as salad or a spread. When making this salad you can put less or more garlic/mayo. Normally I put a couple garlic’s in and taste it to see if its enough. In this recipe you really wanna taste the garlic. It gives it that nice kick!

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Olivye – Russian Potato Salad

Olivye - Russian Potato Salad

Iv tried many different potatoes salad and i gotta admit this is the best! This potato salad is definitely a popular  and traditional russian salad. Even though everyone might have their own way of making it, I’m excited to share my families recipe with you.

Don’t be intimidated by all the cutting vegetables small, once you get the hang of it, it takes quite fast, and also is so worth. This salad lasts quite some time, as long as you just mix in the mayo and salt before serving it will stay fresh up to a week. I only mix in how much salad we will eat that time.

Also you can add in diced bolongy, i personally like it without meat! Enjoy:) Read more…



Borsch is a Russian beet soup, Its loaded with veggies and is super healthy and delicious of course!!

Like i have mentioned before with all Russians dishes each family has their own way of making it and I’m super excited to share this recipe with you. Its my mamas recipe and its my absolute fave iv tried! Also i have been craving this recipe for days so I’m so excited to be eating it now:) he he

Don’t get intimidated by all the veggies you have to cut, this recipe is actually easy to make and totally worth it in the end. And did i mention it stays fresh for up to almost a week! Just warm up stove top and ENJOY :)

(If you don’t want to make a large pot of it just split the recipe in half)

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The Perfect Plov Recipe (Pilaf)


I know its been awhile since my last blog post! We are expecting our first child in Nov and i wasn’t feeling well but now i am back to my old self and feeling great and am super excited to be back to blogging for you guys:) Thanks for being patient! I will be posting lots of new delicious recipes!!!

Plov (pilaf) is a traditional Russian rice dish! Every family pretty much has a little bit different way of making it, and i am excited to share my way:) It is definitely the prefect plov recipe.

I used beef but you can also use chicken instead if you like, i do both ways! And let me tell you it is delicious.

If you have been looking for the perfect rice, that’s all about to change:) I found that perfect rice a year ago its called BASMATI. It has never failed me once, always perfect!

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Chicken Lapsha


Happy New Years!!!!:) i hope you all had a wonderful year and may this year be better than your last! I cant believe that is 2013 already but i am excited for this year, and also excited to have more followers this year!

So today’s dish is a Russian dish its almost like a pasta dish but its very juicy and were using egg noodles not pasta. Lapsha doesn’t have much color in it but its a flavorful dish. My hubby grew up eating it often. Read more…