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Cabbage and Cucumber Salad

Cabbage and Cucumber Salad

As I’ve mentioned before i absolutely love cabbage salads!

This salad takes super quick to whip up and its absolutely delicious and fresh. Its a perfect summer salad goes great with BBQ and also i absolutely love making this salad when i make Plov, to me its the perfect combination :)

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Buttery Garlic-Dill Mini Potatoes


This side takes super fast to make! This is my fave way to eat these mini potatoes! They go great for a side for lunch/dinner or even a BBQ! Also what i love about mini potatoes is that they take a lot faster to cook! So next time your at the grocery store grab these mini potatoes!:)

Also i never really measure out how much i put of each ingredient, but i did this time, you can just put the amount of each ingredient however much you like! Read more…

Creamy Baked Potatoes


Don’t you love when you throw some things together for dinner with what you have in your fridge and it turns out really good so you always end up making it:) I love coming up with my own recipes. These potatoes are a great side dish that everyone will enjoy!:) Read more…

Mini Stuffed Bell Peppers


Last night i made these mini stuffed peppers for the first time and I’m absolutely crazy about them, will be making them again soon:) I got the recipe from my mom in law. My husband grew up eating these so he was excited when i made them! Its a great side dish! Top them off with a little bit of sour cream. These are a must make, you wont be disappointed! Read more…