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Beef Stuffed Cannelloni


Don’t you agree with me that the recipes you get from your moms or grandmas are the best. Well today I am sharing one of my moms recipes and that’s definitely something that you cant go wrong with! This recipe reminds me of pelmeni a little, but its so much easier!

I know you guys are gonna love this one. Its definitely a keeper ;) My husband thinks so too! He loves this dish and that’s most important to me, and its one of my faves as well!

Also did I mention how fast and easy this dish takes to make.

These also make a really great leftover, to warm up just put them in the oven covered, also you might wanna add a little extra whipping cream. Enjoy

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Mini Stuffed Bell Peppers


Last night i made these mini stuffed peppers for the first time and I’m absolutely crazy about them, will be making them again soon:) I got the recipe from my mom in law. My husband grew up eating these so he was excited when i made them! Its a great side dish! Top them off with a little bit of sour cream. These are a must make, you wont be disappointed! Read more…