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Baked Pacific Cod in Tomato Vegetable Sauce


I don’t know about you guys, but i defiantly don’t cook enough with fish. I will be posting a few new recipes with fish in the next few weeks :)

Before leaving on vacation I like to use up everything in my fridge so it doesn’t go bad. So before we left to Mexico I threw this all together and it turned out SO good and I knew I had to share with the recipe you guys. My hubby absolutely loves this new dish and whats even better it’s one of those super quick recipes to prep and make :)

I hope you guys enjoy my creation and I would also love if you guys would leave feedback and reviews in the comment sections after trying out my recipes. It honestly means the world to me :D

p.s Thank you to those that already do that!

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Sauteed Eggplant Vegetable Dish Recipe

Sauteed Eggplant Vegetable Dish

This vegetarians delight is such a flavorful and delicious dish. I don’t know where to begin.. how fast it is to whip up or how good it is :) But either way you guys are gonna love it and you probably have all these ingredients in your home to make this right now and you can easily double this recipe if needed.

I served this over spaghetti and it was amazing you can also use this as a spread or side dish. Thanks to my amazing mama for creating this dish! Read more…

Baked Parmesan Zucchini Bites Recipe


You guys are gonna definitely enjoy this little appetizer/snack. And better yet its healthy!!! It’s baked not fried so its so much better this way and also can I mention easier :) Just prep and pop into the oven and let it do all the work for you! Also you can easily double the batch.

I also whipped up a little healthy dip for it and its made out of sour cream, so i will put the recipe for you guys as well. Enjoy! Read more…


Hey you all!!! Can you believe it summer is coming to an end!?! And we are done with our traveling for a few months..I know I have been horrible with blog posts and that’s about to change BUT These lasts 2 months we have been to South Carolina, San Fransisco and Penticton. Its been crazy busy but fun. This was our first summer with our baby so we definitely have been having a blast :)

So now to blogging i am back in full swing! I’m working on 4 different blog posts right now and there is so much more coming!! Super excited to be sharing some fresh new recipes with you guys.

Today I am sharing one of my favorite ways to enjoy eggs and let me tell you i love having eggs for breakfast. My mom introduced me to this amazing combination, Its super simple shouldn’t even be called a recipe but its amazing and i want you all to enjoy it :) Read more…

Turkey Zucchini Fritters


These Turkey Zucchini Fritters are amazing!!!! So juicy and soft, thanks to the zucchini!  Awhile back i was making meatballs for dinner and decided to jazz them up a bit and added zucchini and they turned out ahhh-mazing! My husband absolutely loves it when i make these.  You guys definitely need to try it with ground turkey its delicious, i started using turkey more often and I’m loving it!

I like to serve these with rice and a creamy salad.

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Zucchini Fritters


I was at my parents place the other day and my mom made these and i absolutly fell in love with them! She got this recipe from her friend. I am so addicted to these zucchini fritters they are ahhhh-mazing! been making them 2 days straight already! Deffinetly a must try also make sure you dip them into sour cream they are even better like that!!

Warning: you wont be able to stop eating these haha. Good thing they are healthy and loaded with zucchini.

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